Who is La Par?

La Par is the brainchild of Lisa Tran, the daughter of parents who owned a successful nail salon in San Fernando Valley, California. The salon was Lisa’s afterschool playground.  From an early age, Lisa was mesmerized by the kaleidoscope of lacquers on nails of every length getting shaped at each station and was taught the craft of nail artistry from her mother. During the course of three decades she witnessed a nail evolution, including all manner of trends from marbling to French tips, confetti polishes to ombre finishes. Shortly after high school, Lisa applied her years of apprenticing to working at her parents’ salon. Soon beautifying hands and nails became more than just a job or even a craft—this was Lisa’s passion. She continued her education and pursued a Master’s in business, giving her the tools she needed to create the La Par brand from the ground up. Her collection of colors and gel coats are the top of the industry standard and Lisa continues to expand La Par’s color palettes and design motifs.


What sets La Par polishes apart from other gel brands?

All of our products are big-5 free, with no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or solvents.


Are primers or bonders required?

While some gel products still require an air-dried liquid agent that ensures better adherence for longer-lasting results, La Par does not. Our no-chip formula is top of the line.


Do my nails need to be primed with a buffer before using La Par polishes?

Nope! Some gel products still require a damaging "rough-up" of the natural nails with an electric drill or nail file so the product can adhere better. La Par goes directly on dry, clean nails.


How are La Par polishes removed at a non-La Par nail bar?

Traffic sucks. Meetings can run overtime. Some of the best parties are impromptu. There's times you just can't get to your regular La Par specialist. We have the industry record 5-minute soak off removal with professional acetone.


Can't I just peel off my gel mani?

Never do this. It seriously damages the nails.


How does La Par remove gel polish?

At the La Par Nail bar we use a Dremil, an exclusive tool that safely removes gel polish without soaking or foiling. Only licensed La Par nail technicians can remove gels with a Dremil. In the event you are not able to book with La Par, nail salons will do a soak-off removal. Unlike regular nail polish, you must “soak” the gel polished nails in professional acetone then remove by gently pushing off loosened gel.


How long do gels take to dry and how long will my gel polish last?

Gel dries instantly and lasts up to two weeks-take that 2-day nail polish!